American Nightmare

By: Krys Tyna

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A Years worth

Miranda showing her sweat, and the peeps from Arizona
The Guitar Hero Game thingy
The Peeps
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Yeah so blame my camera and computer for the technical difficulties hahaha Not much has happened Just school and work, I wish I could say more.... but I cant. I have the stupid Anastasia song stuck in my head...its wicked stupid arghhh...Yeah income tax came in I now have alot of money hahaha and thats all I gotta say.. some of thse pics are from a while back...when my hair was all asjftk jsghkjag and stuff...
Ive been trying to keep up with school and work... I dont think its happening...My grades went down I think... well I know...Oh well 4 more months....thats it... then I can get out of this thing they call school

Alot of drama has been happening with Jake and everyone and I feel bad, he doesnt get a break, maybe going into the army is the best thing for him, I didnt want him to go... but... what does he have? nothing really.

After work last night we went out. Me jake and Jackie and just sat and talked . it was kinda of good. I feel abd he ahs nowhere to go..but I cant help him Im not anyones saviour.

Ive been recording a whole buncha stuff but its just the uploading portion i gotta do...but I really havent had time, this weekend I will because I dont work at all... So that should be good.

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Ok yeah so More pics.... today is kinda a past pictures thing...cuz I finally found a decent computer ot upload them on. Then the next entry will be recent ones

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Breakin Down

Miranda and Crystle...sideways
Tyler and Dale
Dales Shirt
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43210-1-The Vandals

Seven Days till the official Start of X-mas Holiday. I cant wait... This past week has been great. Ive been spending alot more time with my friends and its awesome... and to colebrate our being together we broke into the auditorium at our school... it was pretty sick..we found the DonKey Kong style barrels and fucked around with them.School has been Ok...I have this tendancy of not going to classes, mostly english and Business and Gym..Not good. I have to find a job in five days... which isnt going to happen I dunno but other then that everything has been chill. Im selling the needs too much work.. and I can't afford it.. I already have my other car.. so Im thinkin I can make a decent amount off of that. I have a Party tomorrow night... I guess its gunna be ok... Ill make the best of it like I always do . So I got called a trouble maker by Dan.. and I guess I am...but its a bad thing I know I must stop!!!. Yesterday I wanted to go buy x-mas ornaments for the show last night and my teacher wouldnt let me...he told me to go on my own time... so I asked to go to the bathroom and asked Tim if he wanted to come and we left. We went to dollar tree and got them.. we actually had a meaningful conversation which was really cool. People judge that kid to quick. I think he's really nice, despite everything I've heard. Really surreal.Down to earth. thats cool, I love that aspect in people. Today we just hung out mostly in the Music Buildings we as in (me jeff crystle tim miranda gina katie adam and marissa dale and tyler) the "squad" and watched tapes from all the preformances last night (ours was the best!!!!). I was suppose to go see Trans-Siberian Orchestra tonight... but yeah didn't happen. Really mad about that.. but all in all everythings chill. <3333333

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Yeah this is weird...I look like a boob muncher
Choir Faggetttts
Choking on Star Crunch!
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Yeah this Entry is on request of Saul

So I gave my two weeks at my job today, I couldnt take their shit...they wanted me to pay them 30 dollars that was short from my drawer and i was like "bull shit...i wasnt even on it". So yeah I'm almost jobless at the moment. We had our first meet on Thursday....yeah we sucked miserably...I only threw about like..22 feet I think it was...It was sad compared to like the butched out girls that looked like men that threw like 38 feet...and its hard!!! that ball is like eight pounds...We have another meet tomorrow, but its only J.V. Im on varsity...but I still have to go...which sucks. We had a MASSIVE blizzard today...but there was still school...go figure.. my dad called at 5:30 am though from work and told me to stay home and cancel my doctors appointment I had... So I was reeaaaallly happy and slept till like 3... then I went to work at 4 till Midnight. Which is when I gave my two weeks... So Posting pics from a while back that were on my other site...but i gotta give SOME PEOPLE proof that Im not a cam whore.

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I love this sweater
my sophisticated look
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Stiff Little Fingers-Johnny Was

Ok yeah so I finally got my camera back after 3 months (I sent it to Texas to get fixed). And then I decided to start a whole new revalation of pics because I went over bandwith on my other site.

Nothing much has happened, track and field for the last week has been killing me, I never realised how out of shape I actually was. I have tit o February, so thats good. I went to see From First to Last (a reasonably good screamo band) in Providence on Wednesday. It was surprisingly a good preformance, not much I can complain about. I saw FOB the 22nd with Nina and Jared. (yes i got dragged and it was free) so I couldnt argue much. It gave me a night out. Motion City Sound Track was out of all of them The Best. Ans then The Starting line (because I like them when Im in a emo mood), I havent been to any decent shows since summer. Warped big...ugly...bazzookas...I saw Danzig ().. and then I saw Casualties like a million years ago In Ny over the summer... and I Saw Mindless Self Indulgence. Highlight of my year... and yeah... anyways...Here's are some pics from over the week and ones from Last night after track.


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